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Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Start Working at Home

Two decades ago, the only persons working at home were mostly artists or writers whose working capacities did not rely much on the outside world. Today however, with the advent of the Internet, many more types of jobs can be done at home. With just a computer plus other communication gadgets, workers can do away with transportation costs and time.

But how do you successfully build your career at home?

Set Up a Work Area

A work area may not be as grand as an office; not many have that much free space in their home. A work area may just a small corner of the house as long as everything you need for work can fit in that area. It is not advisable however to work in the bedroom unless you have enough self discipline not to be tempted to lie on the bed every time you see it. But even the most disciplined can be tempted.

Keep your workspace well ventilated so it is comfortable to be in. It will also be wise to invest in good ergonomic office furniture that does not only offer comfort but keeps you from developing body aches even through long hours of work. Lastly, organize things around your workspace so keeping it clean will be easy. Have a trash bin in sight for your clutter and put up enough storage space.

Maintain Professionalism

You must keep that air of professionalism in your work space. Meaning you should forget it is a part of your home-the place where you sleep and relax prior to your decision to work at home. Although working at home means no more dressing up, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about getting your work done on time because you see the television set and is tempted to just finish a game or cook off. Keep up with your schedules and maintain the same professionalism you have shown the people you work with-whether you communicate through email, video conference or chat.

Your work area should also be respected by other members of your household. If you have kids, do no encourage them to use your desk for homework or your computer for even quick searches. This way, you can work at any time or day and do not have to tidy up other people’s mess.

Working at home can produce lots of benefits but you have to set up your workspace so you can successfully build your career at the comfort of your own home.

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